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    4. 歡迎光臨~江陰市宏創建材有限公司



        江陰市宏創建材有限公司坐落于江蘇省江陰市璜土鎮常澄工業園內,位于長江三角洲中心地帶,東臨無錫,西接常州,北靠長江;滬寧鐵路. 滬寧高速公路. 江陰長江大橋. 常州民航機場近在咫尺,地理位置十分優勢,交通便捷。
            本公司技術力量雄厚,是國內較早生產防靜電PVC地板. 塑膠地板的廠家,公司生產設備先進,擁有多條防靜電器材生產流水線. 同質透心. 復合PVC塑膠地板和多層共擠塑料薄膜生產線,專業生產PVC防靜電地板. 同質透心PVC塑膠地板. 復合PVC商用塑膠地板. 磁性PVC塑膠地板. 自沉式PVC商用塑膠地板. 防靜電架空地板. 防靜電包裝薄膜。本公司積極采用并貫徹ISO9001:2000質量管理體系,以顧客為關注焦點,竭誠為顧客服務。歡迎新老朋友光臨指導,共圖發展。


      Jiangyin Hongchuang Building Material Co., Ltd. is located in Changcheng Industrial Park, Huangtu town, Jiangyin city, Jiangsu Province, China. The company enjoys a very convenient location and transportation for it situates in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, closes to Wuxi in the east, Changzhou in the west and the Yangtze River in the north; meanwhile the Huning Railway, Huning Highway, Jiangyin Yangtze River Highway Bridge and Changzhou Airport are nearby, thus the company could be easily accessible by sea, land and air.

          Our company is a well-known company for our advanced techniques and facilities; we are the earlier factory which produces anti-static PVC floor and plastic floor. Especially, we have several production lines of antistatic equipment, homogeneous PVC floor,laminated PVC floor and multilayer co-extruded plastic film machine. Our major products are conductive PVC floor, plastic floor, laminated commercial PVC floor, magnetic PVC floor, self-sinking commercial PVC floor, anti-static raised floor and antistatic packaging film. Our company adopts and implements the standard of ISO9001-2000 QMS actively. Our principle is that we focus on customers and provide okay products and services for them. We are warmly welcome your visit and create brilliance together.







      地址: 江陰璜土鎮澄常工業集中區賢莊路3號